Big Dreams, A Small Business, and You

Guide To Buying A Small Business

If you have thought about owning a business,
     this eBook is for you.


Big Dreams, A Small Business, and You – is an eBook that will help you find and buy almost any type of small business. This is a great resource for many different types of Entrepreneurs, from first time business owner to opening a second location.

Written by a seasoned Business Broker inside this eBook offers an overview of the buying process, strategies, helpful hints, tips, links and how to avoid costly mistakes.

This eBook is presented in an easy to read PDF format helping an Entrepreneur gain a better understanding of the fundamentals to small business acquisitions. 


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This guide can help you find and buy almost any type of small business


Bar, Restaurant, Café, Pizza Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, Deli, Dry Cleaning, Printing, Self Storage, Landscaping, Flooring, Book Store, Florist, Sporting Goods, Convenient Store, Auto Repair, Drive Thru, Gas Stations, Car Washes and Detailing, Medical, Publishing, Art Gallery and Client Lists.


Entrepreneur buying a business

Jason McDonald

New York, NY 

“I love this eBook. It saved me thousands of dollars when I purchased my business.”

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Stephanie Huff

Nashville, TN

“I loved reading this book.  It has great information for anyone starting a new venture. Best of all, it helped me find an amazing business opportunity”

buy a business after retirement

Ryan Lewis

Houston, TX 

“After 30 years in the same industry I wasn’t ready to retire.  Buying a business was the best decision I have ever made and this book made the difference.”

buy a business no money down

Brooke Ferno

Los Angeles, CA

“We didn’t think it was possible to find a business we could afford in the city.  After reading this book and using the techniques, we discovered and bought our first business.”   



Buying a Business 101

This eBook offers a unique insight into the process of buying a small business.  It includes an overview of the buying process, strategies, helpful hints, links, tips and pitfalls to avoid. 

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How to buy a business


Make Your Dream a Reality 

More people would buy a business if they knew just how many good business opportunities are available with little or no money down.  Learn how to find them.



Big Dreams, A small Business and You

Great eBook for Entrepreneurs 


  • First Time Business Owner 
  • Small Business Buyer
  • Opening a Second Location 
  • Startups
  • Buying a Franchise 
  • Client Lists 
  • Creating a New Concept 

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If your ready to take the first step to financial freedom and having more control over your future you will not be disappointed with this purchase.